General Policies

General Policies


Minneapolis First United Methodist Church is a House of God – we are caretakers.  Part of stewardship is the use of our facilities to their fullest extent by the Church body and community.  Please be sure to read the procedure concerning church use and the checklist for room use.


1.  The provision, upkeep and supervision of church facilities and their use is to be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. (Paragraph 2532, 2004 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church).


2.  Any organized group within the church may use the church and its facilities.


3.  Any committee or organization of the Kansas West Conference of the United Methodist Church, or denominational group shall be invited to make use of the Minneapolis First United Methodist Church’s facilities.


4.  Groups Other than those connected with the Minneapolis FUMC may request use of the building and/or equipment.  (See Procedure)


5.  Any group using the church facilities and equipment shall designate a responsible adult person who will be accountable for church property and/or equipment used by that group.  If damage should occur, please report this to the church office or Pastor as soon as possible so repairs can be made.


6.  All posters and advertising displayed in the church building should be on Bulletin Boards, easels, or tables.


7.  Tobacco products should only be used outside, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited anywhere on church premises.


8.  If a meeting room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. are extrememly messy, soiled or damaged when you arrive, please bring this to our attention.  If something is not working right, also let us know.


9.  Fund raising activities must have the authorization of the Pastor or Administrative Council.



Procedure Concerning Church Use


All scheduling shall be made through the church office.  At that time a usage checklist will be provided.


1.  Local church programs take preference over other requests.


2.  Requests are approved on a “first come” basis.  Please print out the Request for Room Use and return to the office as much before the planned use of facilities as possible.


3.  It is possible to have multiple meetings in the church, and it is in everyone’s best interest to co-operate and to compromise as needed.


When groups other than those connected with the Minneapolis United Methodist Church desire to use the building or equipment, a request for use form must be completed and returned to the church office as soon as possible prior to planned use of the facilities.  The request will be acted upon by the Pastor.


Arrangements for use of the church kitchen and its equipment and facilities for reception and other occasions must be made with the church office. Certain usage fees may apply.


Funerals are a special worship service trying to meet the needs of our church and community members and are to be scheduled through the office with the consent of the Pastor.




Checklist for Room Use


1.  Avoid distracting other groups using the church.


2.  Put trash in trash can.  All soiled disposable diapers are to be taken to the outside trash container located by the east doors.


3.  If using a classroom, please return classroom materials and equipment to their original places.  Teacher preparation materials and displays should not be disturbed.


4.  Turn out lights before leaving room/building.  Check restrooms.


Any group using church facilities and/or equipment shall designate a responsible adult person.  Each person or person in charge of a group will be responsible for damage to property and/or equipment.


There shall be NO smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages anywhere in the church!

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